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Working material of the laser

Yttrium aluminum garnet crystal doped with neodymium(Nd: YAG)

Running mode

Photo-electronic Q-switch and frequency-doubling technique 

Laser wavelength

1064nm, 755nm,  532nm

Duration of laser pulse

8 ns

Output laser energy in the terminal

Not less than 0.3J/pulse and not greater than 1 J/pulse

Light spot diameter

φ0.3 mm

Repetition rate of laser output (Hz)

1,2,3,5,10 adjustable, and single pulse with pedal-triggering

Cooling system

Sealed built-in

water circulating cooling

Operation room temperature

5 40

Operation room humidity

≤ 80%

Light transferring mode

Seven-joint articulated,

light-guiding arm

Guiding light beam

632.8 nm(red orange light)

Guide light

Semiconductor laser

Maximum output energy

800Mj(Depigment)/2000mJ(Skin Renew)

Control mode

Touch-screen TFT, color LCD controller

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- Bảo hành  : 1 năm

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