Bàn chải tẩy lông Magic Eraser

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Bàn chải tẩy lông Magic Eraser

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Remover Brush Eyebrow Design Skin Marker Remove Pen Tattoo Magic Eraser





It could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow, eyeline and lip.
Used of non-toxic, non stimulating environmental medical ink
It can help those who usual find no eyebrow position and have makeup spacing problems to get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brows
Note:Marker positioning should only be used after applying an anesthetic, because it is difficult to remove the marker after applying the anesthetic.
Good for marking and locating on the skin Marked clear, safe use on the skin
Remove the unperfect points effectively and quickly.
When the mark is removed, it can be erased by low concentration acid alcohol
Package Included:1pc Skin Marker Remove Pen



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