Máy Masage Nóng Lạnh Ánh Sáng HT-0505

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Máy Masage Nóng Lạnh Ánh Sáng HT-0505

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1. CREATIVE MASSAGER HEAD: our facial cleaner come with one massage head, you can massage your face and body with this head, to promote blood circulation and lifting facial contour,  it is comfortable and pleasure to enjoy the massage. 


2. TRADITIONAL CLEANCING BRUSH: 360 rotating head is designed for deep pore cleaning and exfoliating, Perfect for acne treatment, Oil skin. Also the cleaning face will be helpful for the next skin care product to absorb. 


3. HEATING MASSAGE: this facial cleaner device with heating function, it can be used on eye massager, relieve eye tired and dry caused by long work, promote blood circulation and remove eye bag. Also you can used with makeup removal product, the heating energy will dissolve the makeup easily.


4. TWO SPEED SETTING: two rotating speed setting, lower for gentle cleaning and stronger for deeply clean, you can choose the suitable rotate speed 


5. Comes with a travel carrying case: keep the unit & all accessories neatly stored organized, which make it easy to store away and carry around, protect your brush head against the bacteria and moisture.


6. Waterproof: it is waterproof design which makes it allow to be used in the shower. Easy to clean, do not clean the instrument with a clean ball or corrosive liquid.


7. Rechargeable: Built-in lithium battery, convenient and environmentally friendly, come with a USB cable, you can charged it via the USB cable to a power bank and laptop. 


Package Included:

1 x Main Device 

1 x Brush head

1 x Massage Head

1 x Storage Case

1 x USB Cable

1 x User manual 

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