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Beauty machine for wrinkle removal Eye lift machine 

2020 best new  kisseye


Product Description


Beauty machine for wrinkle removal Eye lift machine 

Kisseyes rf eye lift device uses radio frequency technology to heat the deep collagen-rich skin layer around eyes, causing the construction and regeneration of collagen. This helps to smooth fine line, improve eyes bag and lighten dark circle etc.


KISSEYES - Special Radio Frequency Technology Focus On Treating Eyes Aging

1. Smooth fine line   2.Improve eyes bag  3.Lighten dark circle   4.Eye relaxation  5.Eyes lifting etc


2020 best new  kisseye




Functions of Beauty machine for wrinkle removal Eye lift machine 

1. Ease your tiring eyes.

2. Eye bags ,eye wrinkle and black eyes removal.

3. Promote eyes skin to make it tighter.

4. To eliminate oedematous eyes.

5. Eyes and face promotion.

6. Effectively lead in other products to improve the face condition.

7. Massage with vibration to ease your tiring eyes.

Working principle of Beauty machine for wrinkle removal Eye lift machine 

Radio frequency

Radio frequency wave that can penetrate the barrier of melanophore on top of the    epidermal layer so it can warm up collagen fiber in corium layer to a temperature of 55-65 ℃ so it will contract then the loose skin will be lifted and tighten while at the same time the corium layer is heated up and the growth of collagen will be stimulated and the elastics of skin will be recovered to achieve the long term effect of eliminating wrinkle.Take removing black eyes and eyes bags as an example ,the RF energy that kisseyes emits is the one that warm up the human tissue from inner to outer skin for it will accelerate the blood circulation around your eyes and then it will eliminate the black eyes as well as eyes bags then it will also enhance the elastics of collagen fiber so your loose eyes skin will be elastic and tighten again which means you eye bags and wrinkle around eyes will be improved.

   RF Technology has a strong product introduction function with special essence and skin care products to achieve a better result by using these two functions and collagen in deep skin will be growing again and the supporting structure will be reshaped so as to achieve your eyes rejuvenation.

Vibration care

30 thousands of vibration in per second to accelerate the circulation of blood ,metabolism and torelieve the fatigue ,tiring and swollen muscle.


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Product name




Working mode

RF/Vibration massage/Essence import

RF frequency

2.000.000 Hz

Treatment areas

Focused on eyes

Input power

Lower than 30w

Output power

Lower than 25w

Power supply


Vibration frequency

20,000 tims/s

Treatment area

Focused on eyes zone

 2020 best new  kisseye

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